January 30, 2014

The 2XL Program

It is this tailoring to each lawyer that makes our marketing program as unique as it is successful.

Designed specifically for the highly competitive legal industry, The 2XL Program is a market proven marketing program that applies the most successful aspects of corporate marketing practices with a thorough understanding of the legal industry. Elements of the program include analysis of competitive marketing campaigns, analysis of prospective client wants and needs, and the definition of target markets based on the kind of work the law firm or an individual lawyer specializes in.

In addition to meeting their billable hours requirements, very few lawyers have the time to develop a comprehensive marketing plan. As a result, they often spend time and money on marketing activities that do not result in new business. This marketing program provides specific actions that drive a lawyer’s success. It is this tailoring to each lawyer, or practice, that makes our program as unique as it is successful. For example, we identify the sources of new clients, prioritize prospects, and actually write what a lawyer should say when they meet a prospective client, or a current client that has potential to send more work their way.

The 2XL Program will work for first year associates, managing partners, and every level in between – it enhances the new business development for every lawyer at a law firm. Contact us today to start developing a marketing plan tailored to your strengths.