Colombo & Colombo Launches Radio Campaign

During January 2016, the Colombo & Colombo law firm ran its radio campaign on metro-Detroit’s leading station. With two different spots targeting specific segments of the business market, this campaign generates great brand awareness that lasts for weeks after the campaign is off the air. This is the second consecutive year the firm has ran[…]

Noted Real Estate Attorney Dax Watson Launches Three-Part Series on the Enforcement Powers of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Staying Out of CFPB Jail (Part 1) is the first article of a three-part series from noted real estate attorney Dax Watson, Managing Partner of the Phoenix office of Lipson, Neilson, Cole, Seltzer, Garin, P.C. In this article, Watson discusses common practices among real estate professionals across the country that could violate federal law pertaining[…]

Patent Attorney Stefan D. Osterbur Joins IP Law Firm Reising Ethington, P.C.

Intellectual property law firm Reising Ethington P.C. announced that attorney Stefan D. Osterbur has joined the firm as Of Counsel. Osterbur comes to Reising Ethington from Fishman Stewart Yamaguchi PLLC (formerly Rader, Fishman, & Grauer PLLC) where he was a Partner and had worked for over nine years. Osterbur’s practice is primarily directed to domestic[…]