January 30, 2014

Law Firm Marketing

Marketing Plans for Every Lawyer at the Firm

Law firms continue to demand greater business development from each lawyer. Yet, very few lawyers actually have the time to develop a comprehensive marketing plan.

In The 2XL Program, we meet with each lawyer and develop a marketing plan specific to the work they would like to be doing. Then, we get to work providing the marketing support necessary for each lawyer to achieve the objectives in their marketing plans. The end result is that new business is being developed by lawyers throughout the firm.

This program will work for first year Associates, Managing Partners, and every level in between.

Our marketing team is equipped to handle the full spectrum of marketing services. Internet marketing, website/webpage development and management, blog creation and management, print/radio advertisement creation and placement, social media campaigns, article writing and placement, press releases, promotional items, and everything else necessary.

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