Law Firm Website Trends: More “About You” and Less “About Us.”

by Mike Kneffel, Founder of the 2XL Company.

  1. More “About You”

“What can you do for me?” That’s the question your website visitors want answered. Yet, many law firm websites are void of success stories supporting their strengths and never stake claim to the position of: “We are the firm for you!”


  • Change the “About Us” section to something like “Well Positioned”, or “Organized for Client Work”.
  • With 80%+ of visitors going to the Attorneys section, make sure the attorney biographies provide insight into each attorney’s areas of expertise. Attorney profiles must present content that tells the visitor what they have done that makes them special.
  • Super Lawyer designations, AV-Ratings, and Chambers listings are all nice, but tell me something about you that really separates you from the herd. Tell me you’ve argued in front of the Supreme Court of the United States, tell me you just won a case against a worldwide industry leader…give me a reason to think of you as an authority in your practice area or in my industry…or both!
  1. Publishing Platform

Use your website for publishing articles that connect your firm’s expertise to the expertise required in your target industries. You can do this without literally saying, “We are the best!”

Instead, provide your point-of-view on a hot-topic. Posting these discussions on your website will attract the attention of the search engines, and that will lead to your firm getting seen by prospective clients in your target industries.

I worked with a lawyer client and helped him post monthly point-of-view discussions on industry specific court rulings. These posts caught the attention of an In-House General Counsel and he became my former client as the General Counsel hired him onto his corporate legal staff.

It’s also good to have “Do You Know” section on your website where short statements of lawyer accomplishment or recognition are posted. These statements might already be distributed in your newsletter. However, the newsletter goes to people that already know your firm, the website will be viewed by many people that do not know the firm.

This section helps create a perception that the lawyers at your firm receive a steady stream of positive recognition, and works to build confidence in prospective clients and more importantly, gets them to contact the firm.

  1. Staying Recent and Relevant is Required

Your website and your mobile-site are the most powerful marketing materials you have. They must be maintained with recent and relevant content. Recent and relevant content are among the variables looked for by Google when inspecting a website during a search.

  1. Stay on Your Brand Message

Identify your core practice areas and the target industries your firm wants more work from. Promote these areas and encourage visitors to contact any of your lawyers to discuss how the firm could help them.

Do not fill your website with pictures of empty conference rooms and lobbies. Visitors will not be impressed. The visuals must bring your brand to life with specific practice area or industry references. If your lawyers specialize in retail contracts, show a smiling retailer; if they specialize in green energy, show a smiling person in front of a solar panel deck or a windmill; if they specialize in estate planning, show a couple with a baby reviewing documents.

To learn more about this topic please email Mike Kneffel at mike@2XLcompany.com, or feel free to call Mike at 248-818-0007.

About the Author

Mike Kneffel is the founder of the 2XL Company, a marketing company located in Auburn Hills, Michigan. He has provided branding and marketing services to law firms since 1994. Mike began his marketing career in 1982 at Doner Advertising, a worldwide advertising agency just outside of Detroit, where he provided strategic planning and account direction for clients in the retail, service, and manufacturing industries. He then spent two years as the Director of Marketing for the Hoosier Lottery, and after a brief “second tour of duty” at Doner he opened the 2XL Company.

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