Laws of Attraction Applied to Lawyer Marketing

“…In other words, your prospects find you more often than you find them…”

Laws of Attraction is a philosophy based on the belief that “like attracts like.” The strategy of using your thoughts to attract others can be successfully applied to law firm marketing. When developing a marketing plan, it is important to place your messages and thoughts where your target prospects will look.

Google searches allow people to initiate the process of connecting with brands. In other words, your prospects find you more often than you find them. In this environment lawyers and law firms can successfully use their “thoughts” as a way of attracting the new business. A strategy called Inbound Marketing.

Prospects are more likely to trust information from someone that demonstrates expertise. In practice, Inbound Marketing uses well crafted “thoughts” that are developed into articles, discussions and scripts that are then produced and posted on blogs, websites, publications, social media, etc.

The goal is to demonstrate your expertise and create a favorable perception in the mind of the consumer. More specifically, provide the reader with a reason to believe that you have expertise handling the issue they’re facing.

The Laws of Attraction directly apply to law firms. It works. Generating a stream of content that provides readers with insight into your expertise is worth the time it takes to do it, and will generate inquiries from prospective clients.

Marketing for Lawyers and Law Firms
Our program goes beyond helping you capture a prospect’s attention, we help you win their business. Our approach provides specific actions that drive a lawyer’s success. It is this tailoring to each lawyer that makes our program as unique as it is successful. To learn more about applying the Laws of Attraction to engage prospective clients you can email mike@2XLcompany.com, or call Mike at 248-818-0007.

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