Maintaining Your Site to Be Found

This is a discussion of the basic blocking-and-tackling that needs to be done if you want your website be found.

Lawyer Marketing

Home Page Updates
You must re-tool your Home page and a few Category pages with fresh content at least twice a year (more often is better, but twice a year is a reasonable goal for most firms.) This will extend the life of your website and be very efficient compared to the cost/time required to build an entirely new website every five years or so.

Keyword Selection
Make a list of keywords most often used when searching for the practice areas you specialize in. Each webpage should focus on a small collection of these keywords; no more than 3 to 5. There are online programs that show you the most popular keywords being used in many industries. There’s a cost for some of the keyword programs, but it’s reasonable and well worth the price.

Rule of Three Clicks
Your Home page presents Category buttons that take visitors to interior pages. Keep the number of clicks required to get anywhere to a minimum; we use the rule-of-three and keep every interior page within three clicks of the Home page.

Interior Pages
These pages should be very focused, easy to read and include clear directions on how to contact someone at your firm to find out more about the specific topic of the webpage.

Keyword Density
The proper density is 4 to 5 times in 250-300 words of body copy. Placing keywords at the top of the copy is recommended as search engines analyze pages from top to bottom; with the top of a page being the most important.

Once the body copy is written, you should run it through a keyword analyzer to make sure your keywords are seen. There are many keyword analyzer programs online to choose from. Just insert your webpage URL and the keywords you are looking for and the program will crawl your page and show how many times the keywords seen. It only takes a few minutes.

Visitor Behavior
Make a point to maintain the pages most visited. It’s our experience that most visitors click into Practice Areas, Attorneys, and the Contact Us pages…followed closely by Recent News. Visitor behavior data is available is real-time and should be summarized and reviewed on a monthly basis.

Writing Style
Think about it this way, if someone walked into your office and asked you a question about a topic that you are very passionate about, your answer would be full of rationale supporting your point-of-view. Your webpages need to convey that same passion for your brand!

Write like you are talking to someone in your office. Convince them that your firm is their best choice. Remember, by the time someone gets to your website they are already in the market for what you are selling. Shower them with reasons to contact you.

Headings and Sub-Headings
Include the same keywords that are embedded in a page’s body copy in the headings and sub-headings on that page.

Page titles are prime real estate; your title IS YOUR IDENTITY on search engines. Most search engines show your title as the link to your website. Write a different title for each page that is 5-10 words long and rich in the keywords embedded on that page.

Photos, Videos, Audio
When placing any media on a page make sure the “alt” tags in the programming are one of your keywords that closest relates to the element.

For example, some photos have a file-name like “DS00234.” This file-name means nothing to a search engine crawler. Change the file-names to a keyword before placing it in the code.

Page descriptions should be 1-2 sentences and include the keywords that are embedded on that page.

It’s All About Making the Phone Ring
These are just some of the tactics that will help your website to be found by relevent prospects. To learn more about this topic please email Mike Kneffel at mike@2XLcompany.com, or feel free to call Mike at 248-818-0007.

About the Author
Mike Kneffel is the founder of the 2XL Company, a marketing company located in Auburn Hills, Michigan. He has provided branding and marketing services to law firms since 1994.

Mike began his marketing career at a global advertising agency where he provided strategic planning and direction for clients in the retail, service, and manufacturing industries. He leverages his experience and expertise in identifying and engaging prospects to help law firms and lawyers build their brands and create new streams of revenue.

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