Social Media Works Best If You Know Why People Are Clicking In

By Mike Kneffel, 2XL Company

Prerequisite to any successful marketing campaign is a very good understanding of consumer behavior. You must understand the “why” behind a consumer’s behavior.

This applies to social media as well. By the time someone clicks into your social media they already know they need what you’re selling. What they’re looking for is evidence that influences them to believe your brand is exactly what they need.

Before getting into social media, let’s talk briefly about the underlying principles of people connecting with brands and getting people to believe your brand is what they need. This falls into the category of customer relationships and there must be an understanding of the “relationship” part of this equation.

Any Customer-Brand relationship is very one-sided in favor of the customer. The words trust and confidence play very big roles.

  • Trust: the client must trust that your brand will not mislead them with any false hype.
  • Confidence: more importantly, they must have confidence that every product, service, and person associated with your brand will deliver in a consistent manner.

Customer-Brand relationships thrive on consistency. No surprises.

Challenge: Trust and confidence are intangible attributes that are earned over time. How do you nurture a relationship that needs time to grow, and still make your quarterly numbers to keep the boss off your back?

Strategy: In your social media, present content (like success strories) that influence the customer to believe, “That’s exactly what I need!”

Outcome: The customer will spend their time and money searching for, and obtaining, the services and products your brand offers.

Result: A relationship! Once your brand meets the customer’s expectations, you have a relationship. The customer will tell their friends about your brand and I guarantee your business will grow. It’s a Win-Win!

Our approach to marketing and brand building provides specific actions that drive a lawyer’s success. It is this tailoring to each lawyer that makes our program as unique as it is successful in helping create new revenue throughout the firm.

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About the Author

Mike Kneffel is the founder of the 2XL Company, a marketing company located in Auburn Hills, Michigan. He has provided branding and marketing services to law firms since 1994. Mike began his marketing career in 1982 at Doner Advertising, a worldwide advertising agency just outside of Detroit, where he provided strategic planning and account direction for clients in the retail, service, and manufacturing industries. He then spent two years as the Director of Marketing for the Hoosier Lottery, and after a brief “second tour of duty” at Doner he opened the 2XL Company in 1994.