August 18, 2014

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To start your 2XL Program just call us at 248-818-0007, or email us at We are ready start creating a marketing plan tailored to the work you want to do.

This marketing program provides specific actions that drive a lawyer’s success. It is this tailoring to each lawyer, or practice, that makes our program as unique as it is successful. You can click here to review an example of the The 2XL Program workbook. You will see the logical, one-step-leads-to-the-next, marketing plan outline we use to drive our client’s new business development.


Create Marketing Plan: $1,500
Includes attorney interviews, clear definition of target market and sub-markets, researching target markets, researching consumer wants and needs, research competition, identify tactics to reach target markets, definition of Unique Selling Proposition and all other elements included in the marketing plan.

Monthly Fee for On-Going Marketing: $450
Includes Marketing plan execution, one 500-700 word article, posting of article on website and social media pages, submitting article to relevant publishers, one e-Newsletter publication, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ management, monthly marketing meeting, review and recommendations for any opportunity marketing programs that are received.

Print Ads, Websites, Blogs, Logos, etc.: Cost + 10%
We have a team of award winning advertising specialists that can create world class marketing materials.

Marketing Sessions
We are available to conduct a group marketing sessions such as a segment of a law firm’s retreat, or a marketing session for a specific practice area or industry team. Please contact to discuss the objectives of your marketing session and we will create a marketing seminar that is specific to what you are looking to achieve.