Thought Leadership is Money in the Bank for Lawyers

A thought leader is a lawyer or firm that significantly profits from being recognized as such. How to start a thought leadership campaign:

Post, Post, Post…
This is the heartbeat of your Thought Leadership Campaign. It all starts with your thoughts. Develop them into short discussions as well as well written analysis and post them. Whether it’s on a website page, LinkedIn, X, a blog, or an e-Newsletter, posting at least once a month (more is better) is prerequisite to reaching your target audience and becoming known as a Thought Leader.

Think Like a Marketer, Act Like a Publisher
Create a three-month editorial calendar that lists your topics and industry topics. Update and extend this calendar at least once every two months.

Your Topics (Micro-Marketing)
Think about the negative perceptions that prevent people from doing business with you. Rank these topics in order of importance and start writing articles that explain-away each perception.

For example, if you are perceived as being too small for large companies to hire, write a piece that defines the value you bring to the table. Show these people how you will make their life easier and less costly while delivering the same results as the bigger companies. Then, the next time you think someone perceives you to be too small, your thoughts will be organized and you can follow-up your meeting with an email link to your discussion of the benefits of working with a small company.

Industry Topics (Macro-Marketing)
To become a thought leader you must share your thoughts on current news and issues in the industry segments you specialize in. Write a piece on a topic that is currently being discussed on the most trafficked industry sites. Even if it’s a short discussion of a current topic and how it will impact your clients, in the eyes of Google and your stock will rise.

Get Your Articles Published
Create a list of online and print publications that reach your target audience and submit your articles to them, like local and state bar journals, ABA publications, and many other publications that reach your target audience. Every publication has its own rules for submitting an article. Get to know these rules and revise your articles accordingly before submitting.

Notify all of your LinkedIn connections whenever you post an article, or when one of your articles gets published. If your post gets Liked or Re-Posted it could mean thousands of exposures to people in your industry. Also, Google tracks where your article goes and defines your industry authority accordingly.

If you have the budget, it’s worthwhile to create well-produced videos that introduce your brand and provide insight into your expertise and experience.

There are many places to post your video, even some local and state bar associations now have programs for posting attorney videos, but YouTube is owned by Google and in my opinion that makes YouTube the most important place to post your video. Also, in the “About the Author” section in your posts and printed articles always include a link or QR code (or both) to your onlie video.

Warning: Your Campaign Will Work – But It Takes Time
None of this will happen overnight, but you need to start somewhere. As you move up the ladder of authority and your thought leadership position rises, your elevated status in the eyes of Google will pay-off with increased traffic to your webpage and other online posts. The result will be more opportunities to grow your business and put more money in the bank.

About the Author
Mike Kneffel is the founder and CEO of the 2XL Company, a boutique marketing agency that specializes in helping lawyers and law firms generate new business and new revenues. Contact Mike to discuss how you and your firm can become profitable thought leaders in your practice area and your geography: mike@2XLcompany.com, Ph: 248-818-0007.

Designed specifically for the highly competitive legal industry, our marketing program provides specific actions that drive a lawyer’s success and creates new streams of revenue throughout the firm.

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