Tips for Writing a Blog Post

According to the ABA, 42% of small law firms are gaining new clients through social media marketing. As well, 89% of law firms now use social media to market their practices.

Why? Because properly done, social media will reach, engage and motivate prospects to visit your website where they’ll learn why you’re the best fit for their legal matter.

Lawyer Marketing

Here’s how it works:

  • For example, you write a blog post about the importance of having Power of Attorney matters in place for parents sending children to college.
  • Prospects see the post, click on the link and read your discussion on your website, where you’ve added an online inquiry form.
  • Prospects complete the form, leaving their email address and a request for you to contact them.

Basic blog writing guidelines:

  • 300 – 400 words is sufficient. Readers will be familiar with your topic so you can cut-to-the-chase and discuss solutions without explaining to much background.
  • Conversational language. What would you tell someone who walked into your office and asked for your opinion on a topic? “Talk” to the readers.
  • Post at least every 2-weeks. This tells Google your blog is alive.
  • Stay on message. Write about things you’re an experienced authority on.
  • Success stories cut through the clutter. Prospects are looking for successful lawyers. You have their attention, tell them how you helped a client get a very favorable outcome.

Social media encompasses a very wide range of options, and is an ever-evolving category.

If your practice area is Employment Law, it’s crucial to have a LinkedIn presence, but Instagram might not be as important. It’s wise to focus on certain channels rather than spread yourself too thin trying to keep up with every channel.

Be careful not to launch too many social profiles as you will get overwhelmed and not be able to maintain all of them – leading to potential ethics violations or abandoned social accounts, which may do more harm than good. Nonetheless, social media must be part of your overall law firm marketing strategy.

Growing your law firm’s online presence is both an art and a science.

Keep in mind that it takes time and patience. Building your online presence allows you to shape how prospects and clients connect with your law firm. Take it one step at a time and remember that there are experts that specialize in social media marketing strategies that can help you.

It’s All About “Making the Phone Ring”

To learn more about this topic and other social media marketing strategies please email Mike Kneffel at mike@2XLcompany.com, or feel free to call him at 248-818-0007.

About the Author

Mike Kneffel is the founder of the 2XL Company, a full-service marketing company specializing in the legal industry. Mike began his marketing career at a global advertising agency where he provided strategic planning and direction for clients in the retail, service, and manufacturing industries. He leverages his experience and expertise in identifying and engaging prospects to help law firms and lawyers build their brands and create new streams of revenue.

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